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123 Street Avenue, City Town, 99999

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Adding an Article

Adding an Article

Create New Post

  • In "Pages" View, Click on "Articles Blog" in "Not Linked" Section
  • Click on "+" to add a new post. ("+" is next to gear icon.)

Add Title

  • In "Edit Post" window, type desired Article Title in the top box labeled "Enter Post Title..."

Add Article Copy

  1. Copy desired text from MS Word or other source
  2. Click on the horizontal teardrop icon to insert a text block below the image caption.
  3. VERY IMPORTANT. Before pasting text into the text block, click on the clipboard icon in the toolbar above the text box.
  • Paste text into the "Paste as Plain Text" window and then click the "OK" button in lower right of window

Add Subheads

  • Select copy that you would like to make a subhead. Change text style from "Normal" to "Heading 2".
  • Repeat as necessary to create additional subheads.

Insert "All Articles" Button

  • Click on horizontal teardrop to insert button block below text
  • Insert "All Articles" text in text box
  • Select Content - Articles Page (not blog) in the Clickthrough URL dropdown
  • Select "Medium" in Size box
  • Select "left" in Alignment box
  • Click on Save button

Add Tag

  • Click on "Tags" in lower left corner of "Edit Post" window
  • Type the "Title of the Article" in the box that pops up. Press Enter.

Add Category

  • Click on "Category" in lower left corner of the "Edit Post" window
  • Select the appropriate category from the list that pops up. Press Enter.

Select Author

  • Select "Options" tab in the "Edit Post" Window
  • Select Author from the "Author" Dropbown list
  • Click on the "Save" button to review and publish later
  • Click on the "Save & Publish" button to publish the new article post